Hey Loves! In order to keep your hair looking healthy and manageable, you must treat this hair as if it was your own. Keep in mind these hair tips!

1. Before you install the hair, it is highly recommended that you wash the hair. Use sulfate FREE shampoo and conditioner. Only use moisturizing products. Conditioning your hair is important in keeping you hair soft and manageable. You should deep condition the hair at least once a week. When rinsing your shampoo and conditioner from the hair, make sure there are no suds left in the hair. This is very important. If shampoo and conditioner are not rinsed well, the hair will be STIFF and DULL. It will leave residue on your hands whenever you touch the hair. Let your hair air dry on a flat surface.

NOW you are ready to install!


2. Co-wash the hair with cool water. When co-washing, you are only using a cleansing conditioner. Rinse cleansing conditioner out then lay flat to air dry. Using cool water will keep the curl pattern tight. It is recommended to use a curl defining cream or mousse while the hair is wet. This will prevent frizz and give the hair a more tamed look. Curly hair requires more maintenance compared to straighter hair. Make sure to wet the hair and apply curl defining cream/mousse almost everyday.


3. Before going to bed, gently brush or comb your hair to remove all tangles. Pull hair back and wrap with a satin bonnet/scarf. It is also recommended to use a satin pillow case. Never sleep on wet hair. This will make the hair matte up and make it difficult to deal with.